Start the New Year with an LED Light Therapy Facial ONLY $99

This powerful facial starts with an enzymatic exfoliant, customized to your skin’s needs, followed by a microdermabrasion treatment, and completed with our medical grade LED Light Therapy treatment which is also customized to your skin’s needs.

Incorporating 2 deep exfoliations with the LED Light Therapy all in one facial will result in:

  • Accelerated production of collagen and elastin
  • Increased cellular permeability, allowing for increased cellular nutrient uptake
  • Increased removal of excess fluid and waste products from the cells
  • Increased production of macrophage (scavenger) cells for the removal of toxins/excess pigment/scar tissue Increase lymphatic drainage
  • Increased vascularization (blood flow) to the surface of the skin

In other words, you will see an immediate and noticeable difference in your skin’s tone, texture, and tightness!

This facial treatment would normally cost $130 but we are offering it for ONLY $99 during January.

Written by

Owner and operator of Bliss Facial Spa in Wesley Chapel, FL.