Healthy Beautiful Skin has NEVER been more affordable

Have you already decided that you can’t afford monthly skincare? Or that you just don’t have the time?

I get it! With all the day to day expenses we encounter, making your skin a priority can be difficult. Sometimes you just can’t justify the time or money to spend on yourself to come to the spa for an hour at a time. Am I right?  Well maybe it’s time to try something different!

How to change your skin with just 30 minutes, 6 times in 12 weeks

Did you know that our Express Elite Facial Treatments for 30 minutes always include a deep exfoliation using either a chemical peel, or an enzyme peel or microdermabrasion? Why is that important?

Top 10 GREAT reasons to deeply exfoliate:

  1. Stimulates production of collagen
  2. Opens clogged pores
  3. Once pores are not clogged with oil and dead skin cells, chances of an acne breakout are less
  4. Makes pores appear smaller once they are not clogged
  5. Softens fine lines and wrinkles
  6. Breaks up pigmented cells, encouraging them to fade, evening out skin tone
  7. Gets rid of dry, flaky, dead skin for a more overall soft, glowing youthful appearance
  8. Improves skin’s texture
  9. Allows for better absorption of treatment products
  10. Makeup goes on and looks much smoother when all the dead skin cells are gone.

Our Express Elite Facials are only $49 for our Skincare Club Members and $79 for our Guests.

Our competition charges $105 for this very same thing!

Committing just a 1/2 hour to your skin every 2 weeks for 6 treatments, alternating between a peel or enzyme, and microdermabrasion will result in an AMAZING difference in your skin! 

Better yet, if you were enrolled in our Skincare Club membership program, this 12 week treatment plan would only cost you $264. How does that work? Because as a member, every other time you come in, since it’s your 2nd visit of the month, you would get an ADDITIONAL $10 off our already amazingly low price, effectively saving you another $30 off the total treatment plan. 

Why am I telling you this and going in to so much detail? Because I believe it’s important that everyone understand how easy and how inexpensive it can be to take your skincare to the next level and achieve amazing results!

During March/April, consider becoming a Bliss Facial Spa and Salon Skincare Club Member and experience the best skin of your life!

We are having a Skincare Club Membership Drive!  If you enroll in our Skincare Club during March/April, not only will you receive some lovely gifts and a beautiful tote bag*, but you will also get a $30 gift card to use towards any services!

Now, take the same treatment plan described above and take another $30 off when you use your Bonus gift card towards your treatments. Thereby giving you 3 months or 6 deep exfoliation skincare treatments with amazing results for a total of $234, that’s less than $20 a week for the best skin of your life!

*While supplies last. We won’t be offering the added Membership bonuses after April.

Saving $30 per visit, $10 additional per 2nd visit in the same month are not the only benefits of Membership in our Skincare Club!  There are many other added benefits like Loyalty rewards points, additional discounts, and FREE services, just ask our Front Desk about them all!

Call 813-428-5991 or click below to schedule yours today!

Written by

Owner and operator of Bliss Facial Spa in Wesley Chapel, FL.